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25 October 2021 Residential Conveyancing
With the focus strongly on environmental issues in Scotland, especially as COP 26, the UN Climate Change Conference, takes place in Glasgow in November 2021, we take a look at whether “environmental” improvements will add value to your house. Generally, environmental measures include things like double glazing, loft and wall insulation and adding solar panels to your roof and we’ll look at these things in turn. Essentially, with rising energy prices and a strong focus on climate change, any efforts to improve the energy efficiency of your home may help financially contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and, potentially, increase its value. Energy Performance Certificates…
25 October 2021 Residential Conveyancing
Buying a house is a huge decision for most people and the whole process can be stressful. Most people will do their homework, decide where they want to stay and then start to search for their ideal home. Alongside that, they arrange their mortgage and contact their solicitor. Then, when they find a house they want to buy, they instruct their solicitor to put in an offer for them. They will usually find out very quickly if their offer has been successful and, if it is, the conveyancing process then gets underway. There’s nothing unusual about this. It happens every day throughout Scotland and, if…
When it comes to selling your house, you would think it’s pretty easy to decide which offer is the right one to accept – it’s the highest one.  Or is it?  Closing dates have returned to the Scottish property market with a vengeance, driven by strong demand coupled with a shortage of property for sale. Anyone selling their home today should not be surprised to find that several offers have been submitted by the closing date deadline. It’s not inevitable, but it’s certainly possible and even likely in these pandemic times if you have a property with a garden.  As the seller, you have to…
Your children are ready to fly the nest and, like many parents, you want to give them a helping hand on to the first rung of the property ladder. Well, the near relentless rise in property prices over the last six decades has delivered opportunities and obstacles in almost equal measure - which we’ll come to in a moment. But the focus on the financial practicalities of how you might help your children to buy their first home often obscures a much more fundamental question that you really ought to consider before you start talking about the money. What happens if your children have to…
08 February 2021 Residential Conveyancing
  When the pandemic lockdown was imposed in March last year, the housing market came to an abrupt halt. Some of the reasons were clearly obvious – no mixing of households, no non-essential travel and work from and stay at home if at all possible. Another not so obvious reason was the fact that the Registers of Scotland closed the applications register. That meant the new deeds transferring ownership couldn’t be registered. Last June saw the housing market re-open and, after some tentative steps, the market took off! The property market continues to be very busy, despite almost the whole of Scotland being in a Level…
04 February 2021 Residential Conveyancing
In her draft Scottish Budget on 28 January 2021, Kate Forbes, MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance announced a change to the Land & Building Transaction Tax (LBTT) threshold. She advised that the threshold above which LBTT is payable would revert to £145,000 (£175,000 for first-time buyers). This change will come into effect on 1 April 2021. In July last year, following an easing of the lockdown which had, effectively, closed down the property market, the Finance Secretary announced that the LBTT threshold would increase to £250,000. This meant that anyone buying a property below £250,000 would pay no LBTT. It also meant that those…
10 December 2020 Residential Conveyancing
Preparing your home for viewers (or “staging” as it’s often referred to) is really important when selling a property. Not only can it help your property to sell faster, but can also potentially add to its overall value.   1. Declutter – but don’t depersonalise   Get rid of all of the excess items that you have accumulated over the years. People need to be able to envisage what the property would look like if they were living there, without clutter.   Don’t make it look like a generic hotel though; leave some personality.   Consider removing any bulky furniture that makes the room feel small…

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