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20 October 2017 News
The Law Commission for England and Wales recently launched a consultation on proposals to update the current system used when drafting a Will, in an attempt to try and keep up with the digital age.   The Law Commission for England and Wales has suggested that the rules in terms of drafting Wills are “unclear” and “outdated”.   They have suggested that the rules should be relaxed and that instructions for your Will could be contained within e-mails, text messages and voicemail messages.   It would then be up to a Judge (in England and Wales) to determine whether or not such a recording or text message would be…
17 October 2017 News
Many people have supported a charity throughout their lifetime and it can be of great comfort to know that you can leave a final legacy in support of a worthy cause. In addition to giving you peace of mind, there are also tax advantages available in doing so, and your solicitor would be happy to give you advice on this. You have a choice when it comes to the type of legacy that you leave, no matter how big or small; it is possible to leave either a set sum of money, a portion of the residue of your estate or a specific item of your…
05 October 2017 News
Whilst buying a property at auction can be a great investment, it can also be a nightmare waiting to happen. Unfortunately, in August of this year, a purchaser from Glasgow learnt this lesson the hard way when he purchased a property for £7,000, and then discovered it was due to be demolished due to its severe state of dilapidation. Whilst the purchaser is currently seeking legal assistance to try and withdraw from the contract, at his expense, this situation could have been easily avoided if he had sought legal assistance prior to making a bid. If you are thinking of buying a property at auction, one…
26 September 2017 News
No matter how amicable a separation may be, there are a number of situations where advice from a solicitor is beneficial.  Where there are children under the age of 16 arrangements will need to be made for their care and upbringing and where there are matrimonial assets e.g. the matrimonial home or savings and investments you will need to understand what your rights and obligations are.  It is important to make informed decisions about these matters. Even where there are no children under the age of 16 or a very limited matrimonial estate, there may still be issues such as financial support following separation or the…
15 September 2017 News
Roughly two years ago, twelve ordinary people were brought together by a letter requiring them to report for Jury Service.  They became the longest serving jurors in UK criminal history.  The Jurors first met in September 2015 for the start of the trial at the High Court involving alleged property fraud by Edwin McLaren and Mrs Lorraine McLaren.  It was a complex case with 29 separate charges and the jurors were told that it would last up to six months.  When the case finally finished on 16th May 2017 the court had sat for 320 days over twenty months.  Guilty verdicts were returned on Edwin McLaren…
17 August 2017 News
Over the summer, Paris Steele invited children under the age of 13 to enter our art competition which was judged by local artist Rachel Marshall. The children let their imaginations run wild, and they created their dream house for one of the following environments: 1) UNDERWATER 2) OUTER SPACE 3) JUNGLE DWELLING The winners are: 5 and under - My underwater house - Murrin Grieg Age 6 to 9 - My dream house in outer space - Rowan Davies Age 10 - 12 - My dream house in the jungle - Molly MacLean And we loved Jamie Buchan's underwater house, shown in the picture attached, so…
04 August 2017 News
How Not to Sell Your Home – we do not want this to be the scenario for you and whilst having home baking or coffee on the go is now considered by some as ‘old hat’, it shouldn’t be forgotten that first impressions are absolutely vital to selling your home which, as we know can be a nerve racking experience.  House hunters can very quickly be ‘put off’ and if the first impression is not great then you may well already be too late… so here are a few things you can do to help ‘beat the competition’.   Odours - if there are strong smells they…
02 August 2017 News
According to the Office for National Statistics, one-quarter of the UK population will be over ‘normal’ retirement age by 2034.  Given that the UK Government abolished the default retirement age in 2011, and that 39% of 65-70 year olds would apparently prefer a period of part-time work before fully retiring, you could be forgiven for thinking there would be a wide choice of mortgage products specifically aimed at older borrowers. Traditionally, mortgage lenders have set rules prohibiting the mortgage term running past the borrower’s expected retirement age (often 65), having taken a view in the distant past that only earned income was an acceptable means of…
26 July 2017 News
Drive by appeal Many buyers like to make a drive-by visit to your property before they decide whether or not to make a viewing. The exterior is the first impression a would-be buyer has of a home, which is why we need to make the most of it’s kerb appeal. Stand back from your property and look at your entrance and compare with your neighbour. Does it stand out from the crowd?  Is it inviting to a could-be buyer? Whether it is a tiny space or large space – there are quick ideas to help you make the most of what you have: Colour is so…
21 July 2017 News
Are you thinking about becoming a Landlord? Being a landlord can be a busy and stressful process, particularly when you market your property for the first time.  Not only must you ensure the property is well-maintained and marketed, you must also be up to date with the legislation governing the private rented sector.  The following aspects need to be considered – •     Registration – You must be registered with the relevant local authority for the location of the property and you must have permission from your mortgage lender to let the property as well as having the relevant insurance cover in place. •    Repairs and…

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