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There are many personal situations that people seek legal advice for – for example, you could be considering divorce or separation or looking to protect your financial future before getting married. What makes each situation different, is you. Our lawyers take the time to understand your circumstances and needs fully and build a strong strategy to achieve the best possible solution for your family.

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We provide legal advice on many aspects of family law, including:

Divorce & Separation

All divorce situations are different and affect those involved in different ways. Our lawyers take the time to gain an intrinsic understanding of your needs and will represent your position and interests with commitment.

If you decide to separate from your partner, our Family Law lawyers will ensure all important matters are considered, negotiated and formalised. If you later choose to divorce, a strong Separation Agreement can make this process smoother.

Financial Issues on Divorce

Financial matters can be the most complex to work through in a divorce. We will apply our extensive experience in this area and work with you to negotiate a financial settlement that best protects your future.

Child Maintenance

We understand your children’s welfare will be your biggest concern during a relationship breakdown. Our advice on child maintenance arrangements always puts your child’s interests first and addresses your family’s particular needs.

Contact and Residence Issues

We will support you when deciding where your child or children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent. These can be difficult discussions; our team will represent your family’s best interests with tenacity.

Cohabitation (Living Together as an Unmarried Couple)

If you are a cohabiting couple and your relationship breaks down, you will have less legal protection than a married couple. Consequently, Cohabitation Agreements are increasingly popular as they provide financial certainty in case something goes wrong in the future.

Prenuptial Agreements

More and more couples in Scotland are choosing to enter into a contract before marrying, which formalises financial arrangements in the case of a divorce. Prenuptial Agreements can provide security and avoid conflict in the future. We advise on and prepare such agreements.

Relationship Breakdown and Property Rights

Who is entitled to what when your relationship comes to an end? This is a complex area of the law, which involves consideration of several crucial aspects, including fairness, economic advantage and disadvantage, and financial hardship.

Wills and Estate Planning

Whenever a significant change occurs within your family, such as a divorce or separation, it is important to create or update your existing Will to reflect this. Our Wills lawyers provide tailored advice on how best to protect and provide for your loved ones.

Our Partner, Edward Danks, is a member of the Family Law Association which promotes good practice in the field of Family Law and encourages the terms of any separation to be agreed in a non-confrontational manner. Contact us for their free guide to separation and divorce.

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