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Buying and selling a home is part of everyday life, however, many people are now opting to create their perfect property from scratch. While there are many advantages to building your ideal home, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks.

If you are about to undertake or sell a self-build project, we are well-prepared to offer the precise conveyancing services you need. Speak with our conveyancing lawyers today.

Self-build projects and legal considerations

If you are looking to build your own home, you should instruct the help of a self-built conveyancing lawyer as soon as possible. All the legal requirements needed to assure your project is a sound investment can be handled by our insightful team, ensuring a smooth transaction for you in your self-build journey.

When you are buying a plot, it’s crucial that you do your due diligence. Any potential problems that could prevent you from building on the land need to be addressed from the outset. Our team will work tirelessly to carry out searches, and ensure you have all of the necessary rights and ownership to the plot to build your dream home.

The intricacies of self-build property conveyancing can be tricky to navigate, making the guidance of a specialist lawyer invaluable. From planning permission and inspections, to financing the purchase, we understand all of the elements involved in this niche area of conveyancing.

Selling a self-build project

The sale of your self-build home will depend on the buyer being satisfied that all legal requirements relating to land ownership and building regulations have been met.

Naturally, a buyer will want to explore the usual issues that conveyancing searches address, however, some further legal points may also be of interest, including:

  • Original planning permission and evidence of title
  • Evidence of a building guarantee on the works carried out
  • The rights to replace, repair, or improve access and services over any land between the home plot and the public highway/service connections
  • Surrounding properties’ rights to light

To avoid delays and the risk of a sale falling through, it is important to understand the checks a buyer might make and have reliable evidence prepared. As a legal firm with a comprehensive understanding of self-build property conveyancing, Paris Steele will ensure that this process is effortless.

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