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Whether you are purchasing a property, executing a Will or simply applying for a new job, it can seem as though the legal formalities are endless. Nobody wants to be held up waiting for a countersignature or any other form of verification, especially if matters are time-sensitive.

What is a Notary Public?

In Scotland, all notaries are also qualified solicitors. A notary public has a practising certificate, issued by the Law Society of Scotland, which authorises them to certify a wide variety of documents.

Do I need a Notary?

Notaries play an integral role in Scottish law. There are a variety of instances where you might require a notary, such as:

  • You have to swear an oath, submit an affidavit or affirmation, or sign a statutory declaration
  • You need authentication of a foreign Will or documents pertaining to the administration of an estate of a person overseas, or someone who owns property abroad
  • You are unable to read or sign documents yourself and require a notary to sign on your behalf (known as notarial execution)
  • You need authentication for personal documents related to immigration or emigration, or an application to work or wed overseas
  • You need documents that are legally valid in a foreign jurisdiction (for example, relating to an overseas property purchase)
  • You are applying for permission for children to travel abroad
  • You have original documents that you need certified as authentic

The examples above are just some of the diverse functions a notary may carry out.

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